Wednesday, August 26, 2020

The Darkened Land - Book Tour and Giveaway

The Darkened Land
The Seven Towers Book 1
by Larry Paris
Genre: Epic Christian Allegorical Fantasy 

Separated from the world of darkness by a bottomless chasm lie the stones of light. The King has built a bridge from that world to His kingdom across the chasm to give people access once again to the stones. He has established seven cities of light and seven towers as beacons to The Darkened Land.

Seven Towers

Seven cities of might
Seven towers of light
In the land of was
And will be

Lachlaniel’s world is a world of complete darkness, but across the Godwin River there are stones of light. When he sees the light for the first time and beholds the wonder of the stones, Lachlaniel sets out for the Godwin accompanied by Ewald, the woodsman. But creatures of darkness, who hate the light and the stones, pursue them. Guided by Kesniel and protected by Velius they reach the Great City Agapay and the Bridge. The stones lie just beyond, but the quest has aroused The Great Evil.  Nameless and powerful he bends his might to crush the city and put an end to the light in his dominion. The city is now in peril.

 “Remember your city. Remember those you love. Remember your families. Remember your King, and fight with might and main this day. Remember also ‘the horse is prepared for battle, but the victory is the King’s’.” He stepped down and moved towards the massive doors. “Arm yourselves!” The doors swung open at his touch. “For King and country!!” he shouted and moved through the doors.

The Darkened Land is epic fantasy at its very best...

If you love Tolkien, you won't want to miss this premier novel by Larry Paris”

-- T.E. Bradford, Author of the Divide Series

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Larry Paris was born in 1957. He began writing in High School. He graduated from Dallas Baptist University, is a licensed minister, and resides in central Texas. He writes allegories in science fiction and fantasy. Larry is a disciple of Jesus Christ, and loves to tell stories that relate to Him and the Christian life.

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  1. Thank you for sharing my book with your readers

  2. Here is an excerpt..

    As the forest closed in, a sound in the distance froze them in their tracks. It was the low guttural call of the wolf leader calling the pack to the hunt. Lachlaniel and Ewald ran. The call of the leader made their blood run cold and summoned their last reserves of strength. They couldn’t go far. If there were no shelter just ahead…. Then, ahead of them, a light loomed. They ran with renewed vigor; the sounds of the pack became distinct a short distance behind them. The light ahead was strange, not at all like the light from Kesniel’s stone. As they drew closer, they could see the fork in the road and the Black Tower beyond. So little light reflected from its surface that its features could not be discerned. In spite of this, it gave the appearance of a welcome shelter set down at the meeting of the ways in a land where there was no real shelter. The light of a fire within flickered welcomingly from the doorway. There was a man at the threshold. He held some strange object from which the light came. They were in agony as they crossed the last yards. The wolves rapidly closed the gap between them. The man was shouting.
    “Hurry, hurry! Don’t look back! You can make it!”
    He stood by the open door of the tower, urging them onward. The wolves were incredibly close now. Ewald caught the sound of the swiftest as it made a final leap toward him. He swung his axe wildly and blindly behind him striking the wolf in the neck with the head of the axe instead of the blade. The wolf was momentarily stunned, but the others continued to close the ground. Lachlaniel had already crossed the threshold into the tower. The man with the light held the door ready to slam shut as soon as Ewald was safe. The next closest wolf leaped as Ewald crossed the threshold and the door closed with a whump. There was a tremendous thud, and the oak planks of the door moved visibly with the impact. Outside, the wolves circled and howled with anger at losing their prey. Inside, Lachlaniel and Ewald lay sprawled on the floor, breathing too heavily to speak. They were too weary to move, but they were safe – inside the Black Tower.