Thursday, October 22, 2020

Irresistible - Book Tour and Giveaway



Happy Endings Resort Book 50
by Kristi Ayers
Genre: Contemporary Romance 

Evan, an eighteen-year-old, hard-working guy from the Happy Endings Resort in South Carolina, just wants to make a living and find love. He currently lives with his father but needs to decide if he wants to join the traveling carnival, a group of some of his closest friends he has known for some time now. Every year, they set up across the lake, and he is more than willing to help them out. But now that he’s an official adult, will he choose to travel for a job, or will someone catch his eye at the resort?
Willa, a high school student on summer vacation with her father, is thrown into Happy Endings Resort against her wishes. Stuck in a small camper, she soon learns that her life back home doesn’t shy away from slapping her with varying degrees of disappointment. The issue that stung the most was when her recent ex-boyfriend hooked up with one of her best friends. The resort becomes a needed distraction, an avenue to seek out different directions, new feelings, and possibly a new love.
Happy Endings Resort Series is a multi-author collaboration that centers around one location. Each book interconnects but contains its own main characters, and can be read as standalone novellas.

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Kristi Ayers lives in Oklahoma where she writes in the hope of sparking infinite imaginations for all readers. She most enjoys writing young adult novels and bounces from paranormal to contemporary, finding both genres challenging and rewarding in their own unique ways.

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